Poly Furniture, Lake Norman, NC

Enjoy poly furniture that is built to last a lifetime.

Poly Furniture in Lake Norman, NC
If you have ever purchased one of those flimsy plastic chairs and had it break almost immediately, you may have lost faith that poly furniture could ever give you the reliability and longevity you desire for your outdoor seating. Here at Patio Furniture Industries, we’re here to change that. Our high-density polyethylene (HDPE) 98% recycled plastic furniture is far from unreliable. It is so durable that it can withstand whatever Mother Nature can throw at it and even comes with a 20-year warranty against splintering, cracking, peeling, chipping, rot or bacterial decay under normal residential use.

Not only is our poly furniture strong enough to handle the summer heat and storms, but you can also leave it out all year long. You no longer need to give up space in your garage to store your outdoor furniture during the winter or not get to enjoy the nice days because it has been stored and you don’t want to wrestle with it. It will be in place and ready whenever there is a chance to enjoy the outdoors. It even comes fully assembled in most cases, so you won’t even have to wait to use it!

Another issue with other poly furniture is that it only comes in white and sometimes one or two other options. Here you’ll have 18 colors to choose from, as well as the ability to incorporate two or more colors in one piece so your outdoor furniture reflects your personality and complements your Lake Norman, North Carolina home. Call us today to learn more about our poly furniture that is built to last a lifetime.



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