Outdoor Furniture, Georgia

At last, outdoor furniture you can use all year long in Georgia, backed by a 20-year warranty!

Outdoor Furniture in Georgia

It is easier than you think to get incredible outdoor furniture that will not only look great when it arrives at your Georgia home, but also stand up to the weather and look great for years to come. Here at Patio Furniture Industries, we can provide the outdoor furniture you want. We offer the many different types of furniture you need, including chairs, furniture sets, accessories, tables, and more.

Our outdoor furniture is manufactured using high-density polyethylene (HDPE) using 98% recycled materials (#2 plastic milk jugs). We have over 30 years of experience manufacturing commercial furniture, so we have plenty of know-how that we’ve brought to the outdoor furniture market. Most products are made in the USA in North Carolina, so you can feel good about having an American-made product for your home.

We build our outdoor furniture to withstand all kinds of weather. We understand that not only do you hate to have to store your furniture, but that you might also want to enjoy the outdoors on the milder winter days. Don’t worry; leave them outside where they’re ready for you whenever you want them. We are so confident about our outdoor furniture that it comes with a 20-year warranty against splintering, cracking, peeling, chipping, rot or bacterial decay under normal residential use.

With our huge selection that comes in 18 beautiful colors, we’re confident you’ll find the right pieces for your patio, porch, deck or other outdoor living space. We are happy to ship to Georgia, and your outdoor furniture arrives fully assembled for immediate use. If you want something a bit different than you see on our site, don’t hesitate to contact us. If you can dream it, we can build it.



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