Our recycled plastic furniture is produced in the USA

At Patio Furniture Industries, we take great pride in our products. We believe our furniture is contributing to good efforts while also allowing our customers to make memories outdoors with patio furniture they love. Here are a few reasons we are proud of our plastic recycled furniture.

  • Environmentally Responsible-In today’s consumer-driven world, we produce massive amounts of waste each year. At Patio Furniture Industries, we play a part in reducing that waste in two ways:
    1. Our products are made from an environmentally responsible material called high-density polyethylene (HDPE), which is made from 98% recycled materials (recycled plastic milk jugs).
    2. Our products are built sustainably, unlike most plastic furniture, so they won’t crack or chip and need to be thrown away. We’re so certain they will last for years to come that we offer a 20-year warrantee.
  • Our recycled plastic furniture is produced in the USA. At Patio Furniture Industries, we are a North Carolina manufacturer with products available in North Carolina as well as many of the surrounding states. When you choose our patio furniture, you can know that you are supporting the local economy.
  • Our recycled plastic furniture has both form and function. Our product options include a large array of furniture pieces that are aesthetically pleasing and congruent to most families’ needs. With a large variety of seating options, tables, bars, and accessories and in 18 different colors, we believe we have the right patio furniture for anyone.

Though recycled plastic furniture may not instantly sound like a high-quality high-design option, at Patio Furniture Industries, we know our products are just that. We are proud of our recycled plastic furniture, and as a future owner, we know you will be, too.