Isn’t it interesting that when you go to a park or other public picnic area you usually find picnic tables and benches, yet we often neglect to think about this highly functional seating for our own backyards? The reality is that they are ideal for families as well as throwing a neighborhood barbecue on the weekend. With a bit of advice, you should be able to choose picnic tables and benches that suit your needs well.

  • Material – Your first decision will be what material your new picnic tables and benches will be constructed from. While a handy DIYer can build one with lumber, there are a few disadvantages to consider – namely maintenance. You’ll need to keep up with sanding, staining or painting to protect it from the elements properly. A better choice is to go with recycled poly furniture. It will last a lifetime and require no maintenance. In fact, you can leave it outdoors all year long with no worries.
  • Size – Consider how many people you would want to seat at one time so that you choose the right size to accommodate. Most people agree that as long as space isn’t a concern, going with the largest picnic tables and benches is the best option. Better to have more seating than you need rather than not enough.
  • Configuration – Picnic tables and benches come in various styles and shapes. There are styles you can slide into and also octagon shapes for seating up to eight people with easy access for each.

You’ll find a variety of styles of picnic tables and benches here at Patio Furniture Industries. Not only are our products beautiful, but they withstand the elements, so you can leave them outside even in the winter. They won’t fade, crack, peel, rot or otherwise deteriorate. In fact, they are backed by a 20-year warranty under normal residential use. Contact us today if you want to know more!