fire pits If you are looking for a way to enjoy your outdoor space even more, you may be tempted to start looking at fire pits and think about purchasing one. While fire pits can certainly add a special something to your backyard area, there are some things to know before you take the plunge. First, check with your insurance company to make sure that you are able to get a fire pit without increasing your premium. Second, check local burning ordinances. Some areas have an outright ban on outdoor burning, even if it is in a contained fire pit.

If you find out that a fire pit is an option for your home, you will next need to think about looking at different fire pits and deciding which one is right for you. The cost is extremely variable, from a couple hundred dollars to well over a thousand dollars. You will need to think about the space you have and your budget as you are shopping.

 You want your fire pit to be the right size for your yard space. If you have a small yard, you don’t want to use it all up with a fire pit. If you have a larger yard, a tiny fire pit may look strange once completed. Another good design idea is to use materials that are similar to other materials found around your home. If you have brick or stone, try to match them with the fire pit material. It is important to use materials that are suitable for fire pits.

Some final considerations are whether you want a portable or permanent fire feature, as well as making sure that you place portable options on a fire-resistant surface like concrete or stone. With the proper planning, a fire pit can be a welcome addition to your yard.