One accessory we offer is fire pits

At Patio Furniture Industries, we are known for manufacturing high-quality, sustainable patio furniture, but we also offer patio furniture accessories. One accessory we offer is fire pits. Having a fire pit in your back yard can bring loads of fun!

  • Endless options for campfire cooking:
    • Roast traditional campfire hot dogs and ‘smores.
    • Cook popcorn in a pie tin covered with foil.
    • French toast can be made on a buttered pie iron.
    • Tinfoil dinners can be a great way to use up produce waiting in your fridge.
    • Pineapple upside down cake is a quick and easy treat you can make in an aluminum foil packet.
  • Gathering with grandparents:
    • The campfire is an ideal place to share stories that your family can cherish.
  • Music under the stars:
    • Listen to music or have a sing-along.
  • Holiday Fun:
    • 4th of July-Roast marshmallows or fruity candy like starbursts while watching fireworks.
    • Halloween-Tell fun spooky stories around the firepit with your little ones.
    • Christmas-Roasting chestnuts and sipping hot chocolate or coffee will put you in the Christmas spirit.
    • Valentine’s Day-Add a little extra light to your candlelit dinner for two by having it by your fire pit.
  • Welcome Summer Party:
    • Let your teens invite their friends over to burn old assignments and papers to release some stress they’ve been building up all year.
  • Enjoy some quiet time:
    • Sit by the fire while reading a book, writing in a journal, or drawing in a sketch book.

The ideas are endless when it comes to entertainment with your firepit. At Patio Furniture Industries, we can provide you with the perfect firepit as well as all the high-quality patio furniture you’ll need to enjoy your outdoor space.