patio umbrellasIt’s a classic story: You go to the store to purchase new patio umbrellas. You find patio umbrellas that you love. You are proud of your purchase. Until one day, you realize that your patio umbrellas look awful. Then the process starts over again, and you feel frustrated by the money you are spending on replacement patio umbrellas. It doesn’t have to be this way. Of course, all patio umbrellas wear out eventually, but you can significantly extend their life expectancy by taking better care of the ones you have.

Taking better care of your patio umbrellas comes down to some basic steps. Clean your umbrellas periodically and store them during inclement weather and during the off-season. Follow these tips are you’ll be much more likely to have patio umbrellas that last for years:

  • When you clean the umbrella’s canopy, use a brush with soft bristles and mild soap. Make sure it can dry completely before storing.
  • For improved canopy protection, use a fabric protector solution that will reduce moisture intake and mitigate some of the harmful effects of the UV radiation in sunlight.
  • Cleaning the frame will differ depending on the material it is constructed of. Aluminum frames need a simple wipe with water and mild soap, but wooden frames are more susceptible to moisture, so don’t oversaturate them.
  • Store your umbrellas when you aren’t using them. Clean them first, let them dry and then put the cover on. Store until you need them.

If you avoid harsh cleaners, take care when opening and closing them, and store them when you don’t need them, your umbrellas will stay looking beautiful and provide you with much-needed shade for a long time.