patio seatingIt is amazing how quickly the addition of a table and chairs changes the look and function of your outdoor space. Even in smaller spaces, patio seating invites you and your guests to slow down, enjoy the outdoor space, and spend some quality time together. When you are shopping for patio seating, you will need to think about comfort and function, as well as appearance. You don’t want to end up with patio seating that looks great but is uncomfortable to sit on.

Here are some things to think about while you shop for your patio seating:

  • Don’t buy cheap pieces if you want them to last. Look for well-constructed pieces or dual-purpose pieces that will serve you well in the years to come.
  • Think about color and accents. If your home is an unusual color, it may be harder to find seating to match or complement.
  • Be honest with yourself about how much time you want to spend maintaining your furniture. Many items are very easy to care for, but not all.
  • Sit before you commit. Some furniture looks great but isn’t shaped well for your body or is just downright uncomfortable. Make sure you will be happy sitting in it before you purchase.
  • Plan on storing your patio seating in the winter. Look for items that fold for compact storage or that you can take apart to store.
  • If you are looking to create an outdoor living space, consider adding an all-weather rug. These rugs are specially designed for the outdoors and dry quickly.

Changing your patio seating instantly changes your outdoor space. Keep how you want your furniture to function in mind while you are shopping and you are sure to love your new items.