outdoor cushionsOutdoor cushions are generally more expensive than their indoor counterparts, which may cause you to ask yourself whether you really need outdoor cushions for your patio or if you can get away with using indoor cushions instead. Outdoor cushions are more expensive for a reason. They are made with special fabric and filling and are designed to withstand life outdoors. While an indoor cushion may work outside for a little while, it will quickly deteriorate because it wasn’t made for this purpose.

Here are some of the things that set outdoor cushions apart:

  • Thicker material: This thicker material is tough. It can resist tearing and even pet damage that would destroy an indoor cushion.
  • Fade-resistant: The sun is very good at bleaching fabric that isn’t fade-resistant. If you want your cushions to look good for any time at all, buying fade-resistant options is important. This fade-resistance comes from the fibers they are made with. Usually, a synthetic fiber is used. This means that the color is part of the fiber. Natural fibers have to be dyed later, and the color can be more easily removed.
  • Water-resistant: Many outdoor cushions are water-resistant or even waterproof. They tend to dry more quickly than other cushions would, reducing the opportunity for mold growth. You can often purchase special covers for outdoor cushions as well that extend their life even more.

If you have patio seating, cushions can make your seating more comfortable and more aesthetically pleasing. It is worth the extra investment to purchase cushions made specifically for outdoor use.