fire pit

Fire pits are a design element that is gaining popularity for outdoor spaces. People are drawn to them for many reasons, whether it’s to include a striking visual element in their landscape design or to create a clear gathering space with a built-in activity to enjoy. Whatever your reason, we at Patio Furniture Industries want to help you find the best fire pit for your needs. With that in mind, here are some things to keep in mind as you make your selection:

  • Fuel — Fire pits typically use one of three fuels:  wood, propane, or gas. A wood-burning fire will give you the classic campfire experience, including sounds of crackling logs and a lingering scent of woodsmoke. The average size for firewood logs is 24 inches, so your fire pit will need to be large enough to accommodate them if you go that route. If you’re looking for the warm glow of a fire without having to worry about cleaning up ashes or debris, you may want to choose a propane or gas fire pit, as these are generally neater.
  • Location — Depending on your area, fire safety codes may limit the areas where you can place your fire pit, such as specifying that it must be a certain distance from any structures or anything else that might quickly catch fire. Even if your codes allow you a lot of flexibility, it’s still important to keep safety in mind when choosing a spot for your fire pit. Following a few common-sense principles such as the ones above will help you get the safest use from your fire pit.
  • Safety- In addition to choosing a safe location for your fire pit, it’s also important to practice good safety measures while using it. Before installing a fire pit in your yard or patio, make sure to go over fire safety procedures with your family, as well as with any guests, especially children. These include things like always having a means to extinguish the fire on hand, keeping a safe distance from the fire, and not touching the fire pit.