Spending time outdoors is a lot more enjoyable where there is a place for you to sit! Outdoor furniture is a must if you want both functionality and style for your outdoor space, and with so many options available out there today, you can choose most anything to customize your space. When you are on the hunt for outdoor furniture to customize your outdoor space, there are a few reasons why you need to consider resin furniture as a possible choice:

1.  Eco-friendly- A large percentage of our garbage is made from plastic. Plastic bottles, plastic baggies, plastic packaging, etc. These plastic items won’t degrade and are taking up valuable space in our landfills. Resin furniture uses as much as 98% of this plastic to recycle into useful and attractive outdoor furniture.

high-quality resin furniture

2.  Maintenance-free- Instead of constantly stripping, priming, painting or staining your outdoor furniture, resin furniture gives you the maintenance-free option for outdoor furniture that you’ve been looking for. Resin furniture can withstand sun, heat, cold, rain and other extreme weather patterns without fading, warping or swelling.

3.  Lots of options- Resin furniture can be styled and created to look like all kinds of materials and in many different colors. This gives you lots of options when it comes to creating your own outdoor furniture space that is customized to your needs and style.

Here at Patio Furniture Industries, we have been working with resin furniture for several years now. We have all kinds of options of high-quality resin furniture that you can choose from to create your outdoor space. Please come and see us today to learn more about the advantages of resin furniture.