Outdoor Furniture Accessories, Lake Norman, NC

Give your outdoor space some pizazz with outdoor furniture accessories!

Outdoor Furniture Accessories in Lake Norman, NC
Outdoor furniture has come a long way in the last few decades. What once consisted of a blazing hot picnic table or a few wooden chairs that gave your shorts-clad summer thighs some serious splinters, has transformed into so many options that many people have designated their backyard as another part of their home: an outdoor living space.

With our outdoor furniture made from 98% recycled materials, people are surprised at how quickly and easily they can transform a blank canvas into a space that the whole family can enjoy all year round. Because a lot of our furniture actually comes assembled, you don’t have to spend the entire afternoon fiddling with tiny bolts or trying to decipher Swedish instruction manuals. Instead, you can unload your furniture, set it where you think it looks best, and then get to enjoying it!

Taking your outdoor furniture from functional to fabulous is easy with a few outdoor furniture accessories from Patio Furniture Industries. With items like pillows, cushions, and umbrellas, you won’t ever want to leave your outdoor space. Outdoor furniture accessories enable you to switch out a few different styles while keeping the same basic design. You can also easily find replacements or color coordinate your accessories for special events.

If you’re looking for outdoor furniture accessories that will enhance your outdoor space in Lake Norman, North Carolina, come see us at Patio Furniture Industries today.



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